Easter Event

Metin2 SG


The magnificent Easter Rabbit has been struck by a thunderstorm on his way to our servers and has lost all his beautiful eggs.

The easter festival can not be held this year if you don't help him!

You can gather 20 types of different easter eggs all across the server

After the maintenance, the easter rabbit will give you an empty basket in which you can fill with the lost eggs. You need one of every egg to fill the basket.

Once you placed every egg in it, click on it again and it will transform to a 'Basket with Eggs' which you can bring back to the Easter Rabbit.

He will give you another empty basket in return so you can continue the collecting.

You can obtain Golden Eggs from the Easter Rabbit for every basket you filled up completely.

This gorgeous egg contains very valuable items so it is recommended to give your best to help our poor rabbit!