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Welcome to the land of Dragon God adventurer!

Metin2 is a free-to-play massive online world packed with intense action and brutal fighting. Choose from 3 kingdoms (Asmodia, Pandemonia and Elgoria) and 8 different characters, each with their own unique skills. Evolve your character to your liking with the many choices available: Languages, Mining, Polymorphing, Leadership, Fishing and many more are available and have an effect on how you fight monsters or other characters.


Siege War
It's about to get serious
Nation War
PvP Arena
Defend your honor
Moonlight box
Ooo Shiny!
Hexagonal box event
Even more Shinies!
Mystery Box Event
Are you feeling Lucky?
Football Fiesta
So who wants to sign up?
Sumo Wrestling
Stay in the ring!
Hide and Seek
Bet you can't find us!
Gold Fever
Show me the money~
Hunter's Hour
Time for an EXP fest!
Think you're smart?
Tanaka Event
I herd you lyke ears.
Secret Shop
What does it sell?
Metin2SG Olympic games
The ultimate test of fitness
Halloweeen events
Trick or Treat?
Easter Events
Painting eggs, lots of eggs.
Valentine's Day
So who's that special someone?
Christmas Day
Santa's coming!
Horse Race
Be faster!
Fishing Supreme
Catch the FISH!!
Ramadan Event
Lost Bread!