Halloween Event

Metin2 SG


On October 31st, the Halloween event will be activated and last for 7 days. During the event, you will be able to find Pumpkins, Magic Wands and Candy which are dropped from any mob within your level range and later trade them for the Halloween Box with Jack O'Lantern (NPC) in the Dragon Valley.

It will work like this: Pumpkin (x1) + Magic Wand (x1) + Candy (x1) = Halloween Box (x1). There is absolutely no limit to how many Halloween Boxes you can trade with the scary Jack O'Lantern.

Contents from the Halloween Box: Soul Stone, Blessing Scroll, Zen Bean, Blacksmith's Memo, Liutao, Wiseman's Memo, Blessing Marble, Hermit Advice, Halloween Costume and Pumpkin Hairstyles.

Pumpkin hairstyles come in two different kinds of fashion, a normal one that raises your Strength against Monsters by 10% for 1 day upon first use, the second one has a blue flame glowing inside (be careful not to burn yourself) and will boost your fire in battle by raising 5% to your Demi-Human strenght.

Halloween Costumes will boost your ferocious claws by raising your attack speed by 20%, these also last for 1 day upon first use.